16 weeks 6 days

Baby Newman at 16w 6d

No real measurements were taken. I’m assuming they are waiting for the anatomy scan to do that. Dr. M (another doctor at the practice) came in and scanned me very quickly. He just rolled over baby to eyeball it a few times and then smiled and said, “Do you want to know what it is?” YES!!!
He fussed with baby a bit, but baby was still sitting low in my pelvis so he said he would only be able to make a guess.

I made him write down his guess on a scrap of paper in an envelope. On my way out, my nurse stopped to chat. Then another nurse and then finally Dr. C. He asked if we knew the gender and when I told him it was only a guess, he pulled me back into the ultrasound room to verify.
He literally swiped over my belly twice and felt 100% confident in his decision. Then he opened the envelope, looked inside and nodded happily. Whatever Dr. M wrote down in my envelope, Dr. C agreed with!
What I could see was that baby had moved in the time I had left the room, so Dr. C had a much better view than Dr. M. What I could not make out was the gender. At least not for sure.
I don’t know how they can see anything in those grainy images!

So my sister has the envelope with its secret inside. 🙂 I cannot wait until the 30th!!! We are going to reconfirm whatever was written there at our anatomy scan just to be completely sure and go from there. This party is going to be so much fun!!! 🙂

I am concerned about our lack of commitment to a boy name and my dis-interest in boy bedding. I guess I need to get serious because this can go either way!
I found a crib set I really like and I think it will work well in the room.
Possible Crib Set

Possible Bedding Sets
Bedding 1
Bedding 2
Bedding 3
Maybe Too Girly…
Same…Maybe Too Girly
Bedding 6

Such a huge responsibility!! I have a lot of thinking to do. What do you ladies think about these bedding sets?

Hope everyone is having a great week!! My Christmas vacation is so close I can taste it!!! :3


4 Replies to “16 weeks 6 days”

  1. EEEEK! 😀

    I really, really like the paisley bedding. I don’t think it’s girly at all–the colors make it really boyish. I also like the last one, too! AND I really like the crib set. 😀

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who likes that! I was very worried! lol
      I have my girl stuff all picked out, but I feel like I need to seriously look at boy stuff since it’s an actual possibility. lol
      Thanks for the feedback!!

      1. I think paisley can go either way. It just depends on the color scheme. 🙂

        Do you for sure want to cloth diaper or at least give it a try? I see SO many diapers I want to buy for the baby. Especially owl diapers. Hehe.

        Maybe if you guys come over on Sunday we can go to this store near me? It has a whole bunch of baby carriers/slings, clothes and cloth diapers. But you’d have to come by early because I think they close a little early.

      2. That would be so awesome!! I would love that! I need to see if there are any in my area. Yes, we are very excited to CD. Barry’s huge on stuff like that and I am excited about doing something good for my baby and the planet!

        I found some cute owl bedding last night on pintrest that could go with either gender.

        Bedding #1
        Bedding #2
        Cute Idea

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