Head Cold

I’m sick again!
I never get colds, though. It always turns into a sinus infection or strep throat. And my head cold meds that normally work I can’t use during pregnancy. 😦
My nose is itchy, runny and hurts from blowing it so much. My eyes are all watery and itchy. I swore it was allergies but my allergy meds do nothing.
Today I’m all stuffy and itchy and mouth breathing. I can’t even sleep!! The best part about laying in bed is feeling baby move and wiggle around.
😦 😦

I’ve been trying to do continue being social and doing all my fun stuff despite this head goo.
Friday I went to a “slumber party” and spent the whole time giggling at all the products.
Yesterday I went shopping at my mom’s house for Christmas stuff. She was so generous!! I got a new snowman for my front door, some lights for the yard, inside decoration and new ornaments! Plus a few fall things and Easter decorations.
And then we went to Lights in the Heights to see all the Christmas lights. It sure does feel like Christmas now! Minus the fact that I havent done ANY Christmas shopping….I know, I’m bad. When my break starts I will jump head first in.

In the meantime, I guess I’m just going to nurse this cold and hopefully kick its butt! I see the doctor for another ultrasound tomorrow so maybe they can suggest something.


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