Normal Day- What the What?!

It’s been boring around here. I’ve been trying to convince Barry to hang lights up on the house. Normally I do it every year…but now that I am pg, you won’t find me crawling all over the roof like I normally do. It is now December 3 and we have no lights up! Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and the next day freeze…so we won’t be doing it then.
Anyway, our weekends are filling up quick! If it’s not Christmas stuff, then it’s just fun social stuff. It’s nice to kind of get back to normal.
Over the Christmas break I plan to rearrange the designated nursery room to get it ready for furniture. My mom plans to come help me paint, so I need to start looking at designs and colors I like. Wow…that is pretty real!
We also talked about the gender reveal party a bit. I’m super excited because I know between my mom and sister, it’s going to be very nice.
I guess that’s it for now! I will take uneventful any day. And of course all our Christmas plans. 🙂

We have a list of boy and girl names finally picked out. Now we just have to pick one! LOL

BOY: Wyatt, Levi, Asher, Walker, Brody
GIRL: Harper, Rubie
Hope everyone is doing well!


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