14w 6d

Our ultrasound yesterday went very well! Baby was moving around like usual and looked great! I was able to ask a few questions (be proud…I saved all my questions until I had my u/s) and got a good long look at the baby. The doctor must have spent 20 minutes trying to get baby turned around so we could peek at the gender. No such luck! But that is ok I can wait. Maybe next visit!

Monday I had a student call me fat. lol Gee, thanks!

And since my ultrasound was uneventful, I had to have a full week to make up for it! It’s been crazy busy at work, topped off with bad behavior! But I have been in a surprisingly good mood, so it hasn’t bothered me much. Plus there is too much to do, I don’t have time for bad behavior.
I’ve been staying up way too late, so I am super tired but I’ve gotten a lot done. Tomorrow I am photographing a friend’s toddler and then hopefully coming home before dinner…that would be a nice change! Every time I’ve come home this week, it’s been dark (darn time change!) so I’m tired and grumpy.

No progress on boy baby names. I asked my friend to help me come up with some since she is so good at it. That’s about it!
This entry feels scatter-brained. Sorry!!


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