Body Image Blues

My sister took some pictures for me yesterday…I’m not super excited about them. I appreciate her doing it and she always does an awesome job.
Honestly…I think it’s me, not her.
Now that I am looking at them, I’m having some huge body image issues. Pre-pregnancy I had worked hard to accept who I am. I’m not super skinny, I’m “cute” (or what my hubby says is the “girl-next-door” look), I’m pear shaped and I know all my good angles for photographs. Lol I’ve accepted that!
But now that I am pregnant, I’m in the inbetween stage. I feel chubby and awkward. Not my most confident. Plus I think I need some sun…I’ve been out of it for over a month! Lol pale AND awkward?!

I know…this is me complaining about a pregnancy related and inevitable symptom: weight gain. And I totally shouldn’t complain…I just don’t feel that pretty, pregnancy glow that makes up for the extra pounds.

What I do know is that I need to be more active. More walks and physical activity. Secondly, making better food choices. I don’t make super bad ones, but they could be better.
And finally, get some sun and some pictures I am proud of that make me feel pretty. 😛

Which is why I booked a friend from school who runs her own (very successful) photography business on the side. I need to know her secret for success!

Ok, enough complaining! I am happy to put on the weight for baby 🙂
I went out shopping with my mom today. I got Elf on a Shelf, had tacos at Mi Cocina, and registered for a few nursery things. That’s when it hit me…I will be decorating a nursery soon! That’s exciting!!! And surreal! Our gender reveal party is a month away and we are anxious to know if it will be pink or blue.

Overall, I would say it was a very good day. Its also cold! So it feels like winter finally.

Jackson Nursery
Bradly Nursery

Hayley Nursery
Paisley Nursery

Gender Neutral:
Lambie Nursery
ABC Nursery


4 Replies to “Body Image Blues”

  1. I’m about a month ahead of you and I am definitely feeling the body image blues! I had thought I wouldn’t care at all (it’s for a good cause, right?! one that I’ve waited so long for!), but it’s just so … bleugh. I think with me it’s more the way I feel: heavy, slow, awkward, bulky than feeling like I don’t look great. I mean, I know I don’t look great (don’t get me wrong!!!), but I sort of expected to feel big and just get on with it. I think before it was me, I looked at pregnant women and thought it was cute and happy that they had a bump… now that it’s me I feel just big, awkward and uncomfortable. not so cute! It’s hard to believe that as of a week or so ago people were still surprised when they found out I was pregnant (it seems so massively obvious!!!).

    1. Seriously, I know exactly what you are saying!! I feel bad for complaining, but I just feel weird right now! lol I need to get used to this new figure 😉 Guess we can do it together! hehe

  2. I’m so dumb. I thought the links to your nurseries were your name choices. I kept wondering, “Why is she using Nursery as a middle name?!”. LOL. 😛

    I seriously can’t wait for you to find out the sex of the bebe!

    I think once your belly starts rounding out a bit more and actually popping out you might feel better. Everyone’s body is different and develops differently. Despite what you say you look awesome!

    1. haha that is so funny! But they did name the nursery stuff baby names, so that is kind of confusing!

      We tried to look yesterday, the nurse spent a good 20 minutes trying to get a peek, but baby wouldn’t give us a good look! Maybe next time 😉

      I hope I start feeling better soon. I guess it’s really just photos I’m not happy with, otherwise I feel fine.

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