Black Friday Cleaning

Thanksgiving day was great! It was really relaxing and nice for the most part. I made my mom’s famous breakfast casserol (and now that I have done that with success, I think I will be able to tweak it to make it my own! hehe) and then we relaxed until it was time to consume mass quantities with family.

The boys from faire hung out until noonish and then went to do their Thanksgiving day stuff and left me with a dirty house!
I have decided that I would have never been able to have a room mate. Ever. And that boys are gross! And that I am even more thankful for my husband than ever! I like things the way I like them and he has adjusted to my neatness.

Even better? He read some of his baby book today and has suddenly become more helpful! I have barely had to lift a finger this morning because he has been helping clean and get everything straightened back out. And he wants to go on a walk! What the what?! 🙂
Nice ending to a great week off!

And now it’s time to switch gears to Christmas! SCARY!!


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