Thankful For: 100 Days Pregnant

God is so good!!
On thanksgiving day, we have a lot to be thankful for. 🙂 We are in the second trimester on the fateful week of our miscarriage last year, we have great friends visiting from LA, and I’ve got my family to share it with.

I’m tired today and fighting off a headache (one of my newer pregnancy symptoms. Very pesky) but excited about all the tastey food awaiting us!

I bought a new shirt to wear for today, which means I spent some time in the motherhood store. That was fun. I tried on the 7mo fake belly…which was a good laugh. Got some new shirts and a belly cream. (I will be the judge of its stretch-mark preventing abilities, thank you very much! Haha) so over all it was avery successful trip.

Now its family time! Hope everyone has an awesome thankgiving!

(Personal reminder: Wednesday at 5pm: Michael Berry)


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