Maybe Sick :( EDITED

I ate chicken noodle soup, have been sucking on vitamin c drops and did my neti pot. I felt a bit better in the morning but my throat is swollen.
Barry took a peek in there and thought he saw something. Me too. Awesome. I broke down and spoke to my nurse about my medication options and I am no on Benadryl. I don’t want to be on anything. 😦 So I’m waiting for the school nurse to get here so she can check my temp and my throat.
I have some antibiotics that my ENT gave me for this exact reason, but I want to see waht MJ says, so I have to wait for their office to open.
Other than being tired with a swollen throat and post-nasal drip, I feel ok.

EDITED: Not as sick today as I was yesterday! My doc ordered me a zpack before I could even finish explaining my symptoms. She does not want me to get sick at all. I was hesitant to take it since I’ve already given in to a bit of Benadryl and 2 rounds of antibiotics in the first trimester for a UTI and vaginal infection. 😦
I don’t want to take anything I don’t need.
Anyway, we picked up the zpack just in case, but last night my throat started to feel better. I went to bed early and when I woke up all the goo had moved into my sinuses. It’d rather have a head cold than a sore throat. Nothing makes you feel worse than a sore throat.
So sore throat is gone, and a few runs with the neti pot and a steaming hot shower, I am very functional today. 🙂

EDITED…AGAIN: I was so excited about feeling well and my first week off bed restd that we ran out to the ren faire. For those of you who don’t know what this is, its a huge medevial themed faire that is awesome and fun! Lol my husband and I normally dress up, but my costume requires a corset, which isn’t comfortable with my little bump.
Anyway, we galavanted around there and had a very good time. About 3, I started to feel sick again. Sore throat was back with a vengance. But 6 I was running a fever. So I gave in and took the zpack. This morning I feel better again. Still a lot of congestion but no fever and no sore throat. Whatever this kid-sickness is, it needs to go away!!
I think I pushed myself too hard yesterday, too…so today we are taking it easy so I can rest up.

I have plans for photos this week so we can send out Christmas cards and I would like to be well for Thanksgiving. 😛


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