Date Set :)

So very tired. Day 3 of being back and I am just more tired than ever. So thankful that we have a week off for Thanksgiving.
Things have been good at work. The kids are ready to leave and I am tired. Also, I am starting to get a trickle in my throat…combined with the very run down feeling, it is either allergies or some booger-kid sickness. 😦

I booked our anatomy scan for the last week of December. I was kind of hoping they would tell me the doctor would be out on vacation that week and we would have to move it up. hehe Guess not!
So I have set up our gender reveal party date for the Friday after the scan. Very excited!!! My sister is hosting the event (minus my rudeness by already sending out invitations…but they were perfect and I couldn’t resist!). I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.
See how adorable?! As soon as I saw them I knew I had to send them out.
Anyway, I’m glad I asked her. It will be good for us and fun!
I’ve had lots of offers for a baby shower but I ultimately think we will do one huge one in March. My mom has offered and wants to take care of it. She will go all out and I’m super excited because she is so good at stuff like this. Its hard, though because I don’t want that burden on anyone nor do I want to have to ask anyone at this point. Its just weird to ask someone to throw a party for you.

Got one of my first paychecks that was affected by my bedrest. Not too shabby. Plus I got my disability…which will actually end up helping us out. I wasn’t gone a full month by my district’s standards, since they don’t could the weekends. But disability counted every day. Also, my district pays half day rates for the first 30 days, so I really didn’t miss out on much cash. Not to mention the stuff I sold to try to cover us…God is so good! With any luck, I won’t have another complication and I can save my remaining half days for when I actually go on maternity leave. That would be exciting!

I guess that is it for now. Barry is making me some chicken soup and I am going to go rest. Kick this cold in the butt!!!


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