One Year Ago Today…

…on a Monday just like this one, I had a D & C and my first pregnancy was ended.
The hope and excitement of today stands in stark contrast to last year. What a redeeming day! God is so good! Got up bright and early for another follow up to check on the subchorionic bleed. Things have been uneventful and I have been trying to move around a bit more in hopes of going back to work soon.
I got all dressed up (as in, I put on makeup, that’s amazing!) and off we went!
I was seen quickly and all my questions were answered (like, why do I keep getting terrible headaches? and when can I have sex again? what restrictions will I have?….the list was long). Firstly, we discovered that the bleed was gone, or at least so small as not to matter or even be visible on the screen. Second, we were told the NT scan showed normal results. Praise God!!! A huge weight has been lifted!
Dr. C wants to see me in 2 weeks and then I will be booked for my anatomy scan. More second trimester screening is in my future and another thyroid check but we got everything in order.

Afterwards, my mom and I went out to scope the baby furniture scene. I was just so elated that everything baby was on my mind. We ran by Babies R Us and were surprised at the selection. Lots to choose from.
We walked the whole store a few times, touching everything we deemed cute. Then we went to Baby’s First Furniture and drooled. I fell in love with a $1,000 crib from Romania that takes 3 months to special order. HAHA Tons of cute stuff though. I’d be happy with any of it, so long as my mom could see my style, which was the whole purpose of the trip.
After that, I was pretty much done. Nap time! Tomorrow is going to be rough…going from 4 weeks of laying around all day to working again…this should be interesting.

I got home, kicked my shoes off and immediately got to work on my facebook baby album. I know, I’m a nerd. But it feels like an important step…announcing to the rest of my friends and family that haven’t been part of the process. I know many of them won’t even begin to understand what it took for us to get here but that is ok. The people that are close to us know our journey and appreciate the steps we have gone through to get here. In fact, I just got a super sweet email from a friend of mine honoring my bravery to even share on facebook. Of course I cried.
So for right now, I am going to enjoy this redeemed day. Take it back and soak it in.


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