12 week NT Scan

We had our NT scan yesterday. The whole day was built around it for me. Lol I actually did my hair and shaved my legs and put on makeup. That was exciting. Haha its the little things when you are on bed rest 😉
Anyway, it seemed to go well. Baby has gotten big and by today is already measuring at 13 weeks even though we are still at 12 weeks technically.
The machine that Dr. H wanted to use wasn’t much better than the ones Dr. C uses. My scan pictures have been blobby for a while now. Wishing I could see our baby clearly, but getting to see the baby at all is a blessing.
We have a very active baby and watching it move around is always so neat. Melts my heart!
So he took a few pics and a few measurments…I don’t know how he could get anything accurate since its so tiny and blurry. When he zoomed in on the neck for the NT measurment it all looked like grey to me. But he is the expert!
With his machine, it was too early to tell the gender of the baby, so we will have to wait!

The measurments combined with the bloodwork should be back by Monday. By then we hope to be making the big announcement to those who don’t already know.

Dr. H said he saw no evidence of my subchorionic bleed anymore, but I swear I saw it on the screen. Since he makes me so nervous, I didn’t ask any questions…just stared at my baby. 🙂 my spotting had stopped briefly so I got really excited but after the ultrasound it started back up again so who knows?
I have a follow up on Monday with Dr. C so we will know more about the bleed then.

After that I spent the day with my mom. She may wind up taking me to my appointment on Monday and afterwards we agreed to go look at baby furniture. That’s a huge step. Furniture. Wow.
I just feel so overwhelmed by God’s grace and love! I am so blessed!! I’ve been hanging on for 3 months…hoping and praying for another day pregnant, in the back of my mind worried that we would never make it this far.
And now, here we stand…I think about my friends that never had to deal with infertility. Those that are pregnant now. I don’t feel a part of their world. Not completely.
Then I chat with my IF friends and while I haven’t left their world, I’m not 100% part of theirs anymore. I’m caught in the middle. But I guess that gives me a special perspective and appreciation for my situation.

So thank you for continuing to follow my in-between journey!! I don’t know much, but right now I do know that we are pregnant and that’s enough for me. 🙂
We finally made it!


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