Moving Forward: 11w 6d

Scan went very well today! Dr. C buzzed in and buzzed out. He didn’t even take any measurment, but I am getting a very in-dept scan in just 2 days so that is probably why.
Today was my first all trans-abdominal scan, which was exciting! Goodbye icky wand!
He pointed out the head, arms, legs and heart. Then he glanced at the subchorionic bleed. He was very relaxed, said everything looked great and that the bleed was of no concern.
He will see me on Monday for a final follow up (and review of NT results) and to hopefully release me to work on Tuesday! 🙂 so happy!!

From what I’ve read of other women’s experiences, the discharge can continue for weeks before the bleed resolves. Our little peanut is a strong one and we are trucking right along.

We got a blobby printout of the baby. -_- they need new machines! Very much looking forward to the better machine on Wednesday.

After the visit, I ran home to get some meds packed up. I’m so proud of myself…I’ve been hanging on to my unused needles, IVF supplies and left over meds. I donated my needles and supples to the doctor’s office this morning and sold my left over Lupron. We needed the money anyhow and it was very easy to sell (though I had to get sneaky about exactly what I was shipping!).
So goodbye leftover pregnancy crutch!! This is happening and I don’t need those things anymore! Now I need to officially leave the miscarriage support group (hard, since I’ve made friends there) and get rid of my left over pregnancy tests.

I’ve started to scope out baby furniture online and in classifieds. Hopefully after Christmas we can begin finding some pieces and moving the room around to make room for baby.

Pregnancy symptoms at 12 weeks:
-constipation (likely due to lack of activity/bed rest)
-weepy/emotional…I cry all the time
-tired (despite doing nothing all day)

Ooo! My lunch is here! I love my family!! 🙂


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