That’s the word I’ve been using to describe how I feel. Bed rest is the pits. Week 3 is of bed rest is nearly over. I finished sewing 2 baby bibs this week, painted my nails, watched nearly all of 30 Rock on Netflix, and managed to have a semi-active social life over the weekend.
I have a bag of donated maternity shirts to go through and a bag of old romance novels to visit (please let there be a non/romance novel in there somewhere!!).

Anyway, my socially active weekend! Yay!
Thursday we had friends from our new home group over and chatted/caught up.
Friday the boys came over and stayed the night. Adriana and Mallory came over with food and we played card games.
Saturday, Heather visited with awesome Chinese food and fun girly movies.

I guess I can do a lot from the couch!! It felt so good to visit with people and not be babysat. And even though I had company, Sunday drug on…and on. A few days of visiting with friends doesn’t make up for weeks on the couch. Not to mention we fell back by an hour today. Long day.

I get to see the baby tomorrow. I’m still spotting making it 2 weeks solid of this yucky stuff. I don’t know if its good or bad so I’m anxious to make sure our peanut is doing well and check the size of the bleed.
Wednesday is our 12 week scan and after that I am going to be shouting our news to the world! I’m excited and can’t wait!
Speaking of baby, I’ve since calmed down about my thyroid. Apparently my levels shifted but were not out of the normal range. Way to scare me!
Plus I talked to a ton of friends and moms who have hypothryoidism and have had successful pregnancies.

What I’m not holding my breath about: going back to work any time soon. But at least I have a good art sub in my room this week…one less thing to worry about.


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