Darn Thyroid

Well poo! My RE called and said my thyroid has finally started to act up. A few weeks ago it was fine but I had it checked again on Friday. Apparently I need to up my dosage. Its not uncommon but didn’t make me feel any better. I need some good news, dangit!!
Just one more thing for me to watch.


2 Replies to “Darn Thyroid”

  1. Upping the thyroid dose is fine! It is good for you, good for the baby, and the only drug I didn’t stop taking when I found out I was pregnant.

    1. I know, and I’m glad we knew about it prior to getting pregnant. I guess my fear is that for a period of time my dosage was incorrect…what if that had a negative affect on the baby?
      Dr. Google just made me more nervous. One website even said this wasn’t an issue because women with hypothyroidism are often unsuccessful in getting pregnant in the first place! Other sites added that our baby can have a lower IQ, brain abnormalities, still birth, pre eclampsia, placenta abruption, and a whole slew of other scary things. 😦 you know me…I worry!

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