October 26, 2011

My house is a buzz! My family has been amazing, spending the night, cooking meals, bringing things for me to do, and cleaning my house (letting someone clean your dirty bathroom is humbling lol) I am so blessed!!

Not a lot of info on subchorionic bleeds. And since I have a lot of time on my hands, I’ve been researching.
Only 13 more days until we are 12 weeks. I’m having dark brown and occassional dark red spotting. It varies. Yesterday I even saw clear cm so that was exciting. Lol
So I watch my cm, listen to my body, rest and drink lots of water. I am confident we will have a baby in May. I really am. But nothing seems to reassure me that the spotting is normal.
Then its questions like: Is bed rest really that beneficial? Which side do I lay on? Is laying on my back safe?
I’ve read the bleeding may continue throughout the pregnancy but that it normally resolves around week 20. That’s a long time of possible bed rest. And I foresee more in my future. Me and this couch are going to be best friends!
And don’t even get me started on FMLA and disability…my paycheck is about to have some serious issues. Exactly what we need when trying to pay for IVF. Baby furniture? HA!
MJ said that at this point my baby is about the size of a lime and if I were having a real m/c I would experience true pain. So that’s reassuring.

In the meantime, I’ve taken up praying and cross stitching. I’m currently making a baby bib with an owl on it. That can make it feel more real! So I’ve been busy. Doesn’t make me less bored. *sigh*

Friday I have another appointment with Dr. H for dating and viability. Hoping to set up our NT scan while there.

Guess that’s it. Lord, give me confidence!! I’ve already given up the paycheck issue, I know we will be provided for. Help me give up this fear!! Can’t wait to see that little bub floating around in 2 days!


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