Let’s Make Sunday, “ER Sunday”!

Found myself back in the ER last night. *sigh* I have said it before but it needs to be said again, “normal please???”
I was sitting on the couch feeling pretty good. Saturday and Sunday I moved around a bit more (meaning I didn’t stay horizontal and I made one batch of brownies on Sunday late afternoon. Exciting, I know!). Sunday evening as I am gearing up to get back to work on Monday, I suddenly felt like I had peed myself! But I didnt have to pee…so I went to the restroom and saw that I was spotting. It wasn’t heavy or bright red so my nurse wasn’t worried. Later in the evening, it increases to what I can only describe as an unpainful medium flow period with no clots.
Since we knew Barry was going out of town on Monday and that while it was likely my SCH causing the bleed (even after a whole week of no bleeding!!!!) If it were the worst case, I would want him to be there.
Surprise! Baby is still fine. This baby is going to be the death of me!!
This is baby from the top.

Baby was wiggling around, waving his hand and spinning around.
I was worried about the fluid I leaked earlier but the doctor said it was unlikely to be amniotic fluid.
Ok…what about the SCH? Well its gotten bigger. No one would tell me how much bigger but the ultrasound tech said it was a small bleed.
It didn’t feel small.

This is baby waving,

The ER doctor also had me worried about my hCG levels and my cervix. She commented that my cervix was purple and likely too weak/thin to spport a pregnancy. She said it is called a friable cervix and that it put me at higher risk for m/c. She indicated to me that my obgyn was probably waiting to see if I make it to 20 weeks before taking action. Wait…if I make it?
She then commented that my hCG levels had dropped. All she could say was that I am still pregnant and at this point it is viable.
I’m pretty tired of ER doctors not knowing what they are talking about, being politically correct and scaring me. I also decided I don’t like the word “viable” in regards to my own pregnancy. 😛
So the ER doc wasn’t able to make me feel better, but the u/s tech was wonderful! She answered all my questions and even let Barry take pics of the screen so we would have some. I asked her how early was too early to know the gender…she took a peak and said that while it is probably too early it did look like there was something there. So maybe we will be seeing blue in our future! She was positive and didn’t seem worried about the bleed.
(No one is…just me! Lol)

My follow up visit this morning was much more positive. Doc looked at my cervix and said it was fine. Its purple because its supposed to be. I’m pregnant. Ok…what about hCG?
Between 8-12 weeks, your levels peak and then decline. This is not a number to be concerned over anymore.
Baby is fine and doctor is not worried. The bleed will continue to bleed out. Baby is not in danger from the SCH. It did not stop me from reading others stories of success but still.
Doctor said I may have to have my cervix stitched up, not because it is in danger, but as a precautionary measure. I was also told I would be on my hormones indefinitely. All for baby!!

This is baby just chiling, hand up near the face.
Baby measured 10w 4d. I am 9w 6d today so that was exciting.

I have been put on bed rest and will be checked weekly to see when I can return to work.
I was looking forward to going back to work but I know this is for the best.
My family is taking shifts to help me out while B is out of town. So now I’m back on the couch trying to plan my weeks out for more subs.

Enjoy the new pictures. Baby looks totally different than 2 weeks ago. Its amazing to see baby floating around, moving, waving…wow…our minature creation! I cherish these precious moments and anxiously await the 12 week milestone, where I will be more safe and possibly have my cervix stitched up. Yay. So there you have it! More strict bedrest, still have a SCH and a healthy baby bean.

Please continue to pray!! Thank you for your support, my friends!


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