Surprise, Still Bored

I am terrified to sneeze or cough and yet find myself doing it often. Darn allergies!!! And darn scary ER visit that began with a cough! Lol

I’m still bored but I feel good. Ready to see baby on Monday, which will be nearly 10 weeks.
Spent a lot of time thinking about my last pregnancy…I wish I could say how many weeks we were, but I just have no idea. Doc thought between 8-12 weeks…we always assumed 12 since baby had arms and legs pretty clearly defined. But my u/s on Sunday showed the same thing! So if we haven’t passed that pregnancy, we are close.
Only 18 more days until we are at 12 weeks!!

Spoke to my nurse the other day, I’m on progesterone until then. So 18 more shots…I think. And then she mentioned starting a different injectible progesterone at around 16 weeks. Great. Need to ask more questions about that.

In other news, I started looking up info on the 12 week scan and the NTD scan. Really want to ace and pass those tests!! 🙂 but it feels good to have something to look forward to.

My fridge is overflowing with food and I’m feeling loved. Tonight is chili!
Hurry up, Monday, ready to check on our peanut!!


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