Day 4 of Bed Rest

And I am slowly going insane from bordum! Lol
Its all for a good cause…and I would spend my entire pregnancy on bedrest if it meant a healthy baby. I’m just bored and I think often of the things I could be doing.
Specifically of my job and the fact that my kids are supposed to move on to Rodeo Art. Or that my sub may not have a clue…or that I’m not there to help Marla…even worse, many of my duties have been taken on by others. Wow. I am truly amazed at the support I have there. 🙂
My principal and AP are inputting my report card grades for me. People have brought me meals and offered their company. Its overwhelming but in a good way.

No more bleeding since Sunday. Infact, everything seems to have cleared up. No new pregnancy symptoms and because I am resting all the time, I never feel tired. Just using the restroom constantly since I’m drinking so many fluids.

Today I’m wrapped up like an eskimo, with the screen door open while I watch movies and try to enjoy this rare, sunny fall weather.

So I guess that is it! Can’t wait to see baby on Monday and make sure everything is going well.
Thank you everyone for your support and prayers!


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