You know your relationship has reaching a “special” place when your sweet husband asks, “How is your dicharge today?” LOL

And he is so sweet 🙂
I guess all is well. I hate the cream but the benefits outweigh any negative stuff. It seems to be clearing up, but I just don’t know. Every morning I get a little bit of pink but then it seems to go away. I am just tired of always watching the toliet paper.

In other news, it is also flu shot time but I think I am going to wait to get mine. Working in a school makes it so much easier to get icky things like that, but the 1st trimester is a delicate time, so I am going to wait (I was already afraid to use the antibiotics until my nurse assured me it was ok…)

-Nipples look bigger to me, Barry says (.)(.) have changed in his opinion
-Hungry all the time/balanced with occassional full or weird tummy feeling
-A few uterine twinges
-Posterior pelvic pain
-TIRED all the time

32 days until we are 12 weeks 🙂 And lucky us, Tuesday is just around the corner.


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