Infection: Yuck

Apparently you should wear a panty liner after using clindamycin phosphate vaginal cream. LOL Underware malfunction for sure!!

My cream is supposed to help with the cervical and vaginal bacterial infection that I have somehow contracted. A friend from one of my FB groups said it was from putting stuff up there. Well, honey, nothing has been “up there” in a very long time. So your guess is as good as mine. But there you have it: infection.

The good news is that it is fairly common and being pregnant makes you more susceptible to infection (pH balance changes and such…).
Who knows?

What did freak me out was that the packaging said specifically NOT to use it during your 1st trimester unless instructed by your doctor. Which got me back on Dr. Google searching.
Which then had me in a panic calling my nurse at 9pm. She said it was perfectly safe and that my doctor wasn’t trying to poison me. lol If the infection went untreated, it could lead to miscarriage or pre-term labor. Yikes! Cream it is. With panty liners, apparently.

Excited for the next ultrasound!! 🙂


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