7 weeks

I know I’m going to keel over from stress. My eye started twitching today and my blood pressure was a bit high (not dangerous but high).
The good news is that my fears were disproven once again and we have a super healthy little peanut. God, I hear you. I’m a beautiful mess but this is Your’s now. I have to let go.

Heartbeat was about 130 and our peanut grew to 12.9mm- almost an inch! Peanut is measuring 3 days ahead, and we are again over the moon. Poor Barry was anxiety filled…so much so he nearly cried! We are both a mess!!

(This ultrasound at his other office doesn’t seem as clear. :P)

However, I am *not* crazy! I DO have a cervical infection. Which might be an explination for the high blood pressure but more importantly the reason for my back pain and discharge. so I’m very glad we got that taken care of.
Dr. H has become more seemingly compassionate and caring. I don’t feel so bad asking all my questions and he was so kind today. 🙂 happy panda!
We had my thyroid checked today and a few more labs. My shots will be weened down starting the 10th week so it will be nice to stop those soon.
36 needles to the booty so far!!

He said that in another 2 weeks we will have a peanut that looks way more like a baby. He also said that many women have very little symptoms like me, so not to worry.
Oh and for anyone who might be wondering, also found out that a non penatration orgasm can cause spotting.
Sorry, I’m realizing this entry is very jumbled. I’m excited but I have a major headache and I feel like I can’t think straight.

God, thank you so much for another week pregnant. For this tiny precious life!!

I need to write some new positive self talk on my mirror. Keep this “over the moon” feeling for longer than a day and stop living in between ultrasounds.


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