Worry Wart

UPDATE: Dr. H said no cause for concern. 😛 “No sex or anything in the vagina please”. lol So back to resting and having a completely unproductive Saturday

ugh…I am always such a worrier!!! 😛
After my last ultrasound, I had some light tan cm. It went away after a day and a half and I was told it’s completely normal. So going for my 6 week u/s I knew that I would likely spot. That evening I stayed on the couch with my feet up and lots of water…no evidence of spotting but just precautionary. The next morning, no spotting. Later the same day I started to notice a light tan tint to my cm. I wasn’t worried because it’s “normal” but now, 3 days post u/s I noticed a light pink tint/light tan.
I feel ok. I can’t help but notice every twinge or pull down there…but I don’t think it’s anything unusual.
The fact that the spotting actually darkened it what scares me.

The ultrasound is promising, looked good and is likely the culprit. But now I am anxious for our next u/s. lol It’s a cycle. Ultrasound lets us see that the baby is fine, but causes spotting which makes me freak out. I can’t help myself.

Everything I read online says it’s normal, but it watch for any signs of miscarriage.
So of course, I emailed poor Dr. H just to ease my mind. Likely won’t hear back for a while.

I did allow myself to go to Target and look at baby stuff, which made me cry. lol I’m just more emotional these days.
But it was fun to let myself imagine needing those items. The spotting happened in Target, which totally ruined the mood so we went home so I could obsessively “google” other womens’ stories.
I will probably spend my weekend resting and just relaxing. Haven’t had a nice weekend like that in a while and I need it. Plus the weather is so wonderful! I may decorate for fall…

Now if only I could stop going to the bathroom to “check” everything. 😛


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