6 weeks 1 day

We had our second scan today. I was not nearly as nervous as last time. No anxiety-filled trips to the bathroom, or worried day-dreaming. lol I guess I am trying to let this all sink in. I’m not going to lie, I went there today with the worst-case-senario in my mind. Just in case.
I mean, I don’t feel pregnant (I might look it, lol but I swear no real symptoms!). This whole thing seems like a dream.

But I honestly have just kind of let it go. It is what it is and for right now, today, I am pregnant. I need to enjoy it.
And for having that kind of positive attitude, I was rewarded with our baby’s heartbeat for the first time!! Thank you, Lord!!! There are no words to describe how amazing that is. To see that little flutter on the screen and know that a life that you created with your partner is living in there!
At first I could barely see it. Dr. H had to hold the wand so still…but then I saw it clear as day, fluttering away like a piece of glitter or a moth. I really just couldn’t believe it.
Dr. H feels as if he can label us a “normal” pregnancy. Baby is growing right on target, my cysts are clearing away and bloods are normal. Last week, baby looked like only a little spec on the ultrasound screen, but today it was so clear! What a difference a week makes, baby has been busy growing! Our CRL (crown to rump, also known as the fetal pole) measurement was 8mm. Last week it was 3mm. At 5mm or greater, you should be able to see a heartbeat, so I was elated to see ours today! The bpm were about 120, which is also very good. The miscarriage rate drops to 3% after you see that heartbeat. Huge milestone for this pregnancy.

At 10 weeks I can stop my meds, which is awesome (only 34 more shots!!). And we will be released to Dr. C as his OBGYN staff. Dr. H prefers to have his IVF patients delivered at 38 weeks. According to his research and from experience, he believes that IVF pregnancies implant differently and that is is safe only to 38 weeks. I thought that was interesting and I will be looking into it more. We will see.

At 6wk 1d I have these symptoms:
-mild constipation
-bloating/weight gain
-some nipple soreness
-back and forth feeling between lightly queasy/full and starving hungry
-posterior pelvic pain

Also, I found these interesting links.

This one is a list of common tests during pregnancy

Another list of common tests done during pregnancy

Which got me thinking about all the testing. I don’t know if we will get any of it done or not. Sure, the blood testing, but I don’t know how I feel about the amnio or CVS. The results are not always accurate and they both have risks of miscarriage if done improperly. And more importantly, would the results change my mind about going full term?
My immediate response was “yes, it would change my mind”. But now that I have had a few days to sit on it, I’m not so sure. We have worked so hard and come so far. And we have father still to go. I think Barry and I will have to discuss this issue further. It feels pretty huge.

Right now, I am allowing myself to be over the moon in love with our little sweet pea…who is now the size of a blueberry. Fun Birthday Facts on our little blueberry.
Now it’s time for some water and to rest/put my feet up.


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