Weekend Shenanigans

Well, it was a long weekend!! We ran around this city like crazy fools, but it was so worth it!
Friday we had a date night. We finally used an Amerigo’s gift card we got 2 years ago. That is how expensive this place is. lol Then we sat Crazy Stupid Love which was so cute.
Saturday we went to a local brewery, where I enjoyed rootbeer and celebrated a friend’s birthday. We also took a ton of pictures in which I look like a huge fat fatty. Awesome.
Then we ran to a friend’s birthday party for her little ones and then off to church. BUSY!
Today was more church and then lunch with the in-laws. SO TIRED.
Like I said, though, worth it. We are really connecting with our group at church and we met some new friends at the brewery. PLUS, I got to love on some small children. Good weekend in my book.

No new symptoms minus this weird pinching in my lower back that only happens sometimes and a few waves of pinching in the (.)(.). Can’t complain. Very much looking forward to hearing a heartbeat so I can stop sounding like an ungreatful, pessimistic person and try to get excited about this little bean.
Offically 40 days into pregnancy, though. Which feels pretty weird to say.

Now for an overdose on water and a nap so I can make my husband take a bajillion photos of me so I can convince myself I am not turning into the dough-girl. OMG.


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