Positive Patsy!

That is who I am supposed to “be” right now. I’m trying! Lord give me strength!!
The light tan cm seems to be dimishing. Only a few streaks of it mixed in with my regular cm right now, but I am watching it like a hawk!
I got my hCG levels back from yesterday and we are now at 10,874. I would say that is very good. It is above average for 5 weeks and it made me feel much better. For whatever reason, I am really letting this negative energy get me down!
I had a dream last night I was miscarrying and today I was sure I would hear bad numbers from the doc. But nope! Our little sweat pea is holding on strong. AND I am being treated as a totally normal pregnancy, minus all the ultrasounds.

I’ve been saying this for a while, but I really need to get over all this and just relish is the moment. I am pregnant and for right now, that has to be enough.
I bought my first pair of pregnancy pants. This was not the exciting moment I imagined. lol Neat in a way, but embarrassing to only be 5 weeks into a singleton pregnancy and need new pants. I’m not doing anything different, just packing on those pounds.

Doc wants me on progesterone until 10 weeks. 😦 My poor little back side is all sad. Today a student hugged me and patted my lower back, sending waves of pain over my sore muscles.
Guess it’s time to go through the goodie bag I got yesterday and see if I can use anything in there.

Before I forget, found this awesome article yesterday: Early Fetal Development


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