First Scan!!!! :)

I was so anxious I nearly blew chunks everywhere!! 😛 And I sweat so badly that the tissue on the bed stuck to my backside and ripped off when I had to scoot down for the ultrasound. AND I had little pieces of it stuck to my butt!!
I know, lame. But I couldn’t help it. (And let’s just say that constipation was not an issue today…)
I didn’t know what to expect and I was honestly prepared for the worst. Satan has really gotten me where it hurts most and I allow myself to worry.

I had researched what other women experienced at their first u/s and of course it varies.
What I have found is that if a fetal pole is detected, this is a good sign of a viable pregnancy.
A heartbeat is typically heard between weeks 6-8.
At 5-5.5 weeks, the average woman sees a yolk sac.

What we have been able to rule out is an ectopic pregnancy, so that is awesome.

Here is what we saw:
The elongated dark spot in the middle/upper left side of the ultrasound is our baby (the ultrasound cursor is in the middle of it). Pretty crazy. The sizing measured correctly with where we are in the pregnancy and he was able to measure the fetal pole (3mm- and don’t even ask me where it is or how he saw it).
I had hoped to see or hear a heartbeat but Dr. H said it was too early (dating me at 5 weeks 1 day). They sent me away with a “My First Picture” ultrasound frame, a goodie bag and lots of hugs.

That office is amazing and I think I have decided to stay there through the whole pregnancy. The support and care I have gotten through this journey has been unreal…we have been through a lot together and I would hate to leave them.
Getting a goodie bag made it a bit more real. As if to say: You are now officially pregnant, nothing is going to go wrong and here is everything you need to get you through until you pop out that baby.
I’m still skeptical. I thought seeing our little embie in there would solidify this pregnancy for me but it hasn’t. It just didn’t hit me. I thought I would be more emotional, but as soon as we saw the tiny little blip on the screen, I was filled with more questions. That’s it? Where is the heartbeat? When can we see a heartbeat? etc…
It has made me greatful that we went with 2 embryos instead of just 1. What if the one we picked didn’t make it? We would be doing IVF all over again.
I think when we see a heartbeat, I will feel much better.
My new hCG levels should be in tomorrow, which will help ease some tension too. Getting an hCG every other day made me feel as if I knew what was going on with my baby. Waiting a whole week was like torture!!

When I came home from my appointment, I had a bit of cramping and some light tan discharge. Very alarming and of course, could mean anything. Dr. H said it is normal. Could be my cervix got irritated or it dislodged some old blood.
Another possibility is that he made my cysts angry. Yeah, I have cysts. It’s normal for a regular pregnancy to have one cyst that will actually help support the pregnancy. But I have many due to the IVF cycle.
I have another u/s scheduled for a week from today to check/measure the cysts and watch our baby grow.

I am so thankful to have made it to today. I hope I can have at least one worry-free day this week and that this discharge goes away.


2 Replies to “First Scan!!!! :)”

  1. Yay! I’m so happy for you. I think I read your whole blog today, thank you for writing your story to help others who are having similar issues.
    congrats again!

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