Latest Obession:

Lack of symptoms.
I don’t have any realy signs or symptoms of pregnancy.
Someone at work today asked me: How do you feel? Are you having any morning sickness? You know, they say it’s a good sign if you do.
Who is “they”? That is what I’d like to know.

My breasts still have a soreness to them, not unlike when I get AF. But they are not tender, or heavy.
I probably urinate more because I am drinking more, not because I actually have to go to the bathroom more often.
No sickness, or dizziness….or anything like that. Sometimes I feel full, or I am just starved but no sickness.
Bloat…now I do know a thing or two about this. I have a pair of comfy jeans that I wear on days I feel “blah”. They are now my tight jeans. Joy.
Tired. I have been tired. But I can normally over come it now.

Other than that, nothing.
Some websites say this is normal. Not everyone had symptoms. I’ve read hundreds of personal stories and it goes either way. They had no symptoms and had a health pregnancy or they had a miscarriage.
Everything is 50/50. Maybe its bad, maybe its normal. Lame!
I swear I am going to have a good weekend, and relax and put my feet up. I swear!!! Just so much on my mind. I wish I could be blissfully ignorant and post on FB that we are pregnant at 3 weeks (I have many friends who have done so) and not even worry for a second.
Get excited! My good friend is giving me her maternity clothes! Yay! That’s a step, right?


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