No AF = Weird

Today would have been the day AF was due (actually, really it was yesterday since I normally have a 31 day cycle…but my calculator added a day since my IVF cycle was 40 days).
It feels weird to think AF won’t be coming. You know how it goes…every month you think it is the last month and then she rears her ugly head.

My beta numbers, despite not being exactly double from the 2nd to the 3rd, seem to be very good to the doctor. He has already scheduled my first ultrasound! Originally, he scheduled me for one more beta next Wednesday, but now it is my ultrasound and beta.
I think seeing our little peanut will make this so much more real.

In other news, I had a bt of a freak out yesterday when it occured to me that my husband’s company is possibly going to be bought out…and that we would likely be switching insurance companies due to that.
I got worried because I don’t want this pregnancy to be considered a pre-existing condition and those insurance big wigs to deny us coverage.
On the up-side, we stand a good chance of Aetna assisting with the new order of meds, since they are pregnancy related. 🙂 I should hear from Apothecary today and get that stuff sorted out. That would be a huge relief!
I’m not sure how long I have to continue to get shots in the butt…all I know is the meds are not cheap and we are starting to get pretty low on funds.
I guess that is it for now. Hope to know more soon. The ultrasound is going to help ease some of the fears. I hope. lol


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