Little Victories

That is how I am going to look at this now. A day at a time, a little victory at a time. Maybe it will help me to enjoy this more and relax a bit.
After a long day of waiting, begging my wonderful nurse (and her having to pull some strings to get my bloodwork moved along sooner), we finally found out that we are indeed still pg. Second beta is 544. Music to our ears. 🙂
It’s still weird…and I still feel like it should be higher (that’s weird to think, right?) but it’s more than triple our first beta, and higher than the average numbers for a pregnancy at this stage. So it’s a wonderful number. Hoping this is a good, strong little embryo that wants to stick around.

Still no change as far as symptoms go.
I need to order more meds and we just got a benefits claims form in the mail (you know the kind that says, “You may owe _____”). *sigh* Bills make me nervous/anxious but it is all worth it right now!

Off to finish cooking our dinner and relish in this little victory.


6 Replies to “Little Victories”

    1. Thank you! Hopefully this is a small step towards the end result!
      I’m so excited for you as well! I didn’t know you were thinking about IVF. Can’t wait to see what is next for you, my friend! 🙂

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