Our BFP!! :)

So I guess the cheapy internet tests don’t get very dark….because we just found out a few hours ago that we are officially pregnant! hCG level of 135 at 3 weeks. 🙂 So floored…very difficult to believe.
Barry and I are still cautious.
I have more bloodwork on Monday to check my levels and again on Wednesday.
If everything looks as it should, we will have our first scan in 2 weeks.
I am beyond excited but trying to pull it back. I don’t feel any different (minus a few PMS symptoms and some tummy bloat)…and I’m still blown away by those faint positives. I was convinced that this cycle was over and even if it was positive, the numbers would be low.
God, you are so awesome!
Now, we just need to get through a few milestones and I think we will begin to celebrate.
Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. It means so much!
I will continue to document our journey and hope that we have your support and prayers as we move forward. Still so much we are up against.


2 Replies to “Our BFP!! :)”

  1. Congratulations!!!! That is great news….and much needed great news. I am going to live vicariously through you for a while. All the best with the next beta and hope that it just goes from strength to strength. A very exciting time….

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