Beta Day

I’ve said it before: I’m a POAS addict. I went ahead and tried another one last night. Its still an internet cheapy but it detects 20miu of hCG. It came back rwith a faint positive as well.
The other super sensitive tests I took were old (ordered them before May but I can’t remember when exactly) and while they were individually wrapped, may have been exposed to bathroom humidity/moisture. Who knows. Maybe these cheap tests don’t get very dark? Or maybe I’ve caught an early miscarriage? I’m too scared to take a nice test…and since the beta is today, we will just pray for a good high number.

The labcorp office says it will probably take about 4 hours to get the results to the doctor, so hopefully I will know something after lunch or later this evening.
Right now I’m sitting in the waiting room and its pretty packed. They don’t have my lab forms because my doctor’s office forgot to send them yesterday. So more waiting.
Prayers and positive vibes please!!


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