Is that an effing line?

I only took the darn thing to help ease my mind about my impending BFN. Now I am seriously feeling like throwing up right now. This did not help at all!!! First of all, I have been “oh, woah is me” all weekend long…secondly, my symptoms have lessened if anything, and thirdly…that just can’t be a line.
Yes…it is a thin, tiny, barely-there line. All my fertility friends agree. They are also saying, “a line is a line”. I disagree. If that line is faint it scares me. I am only 8dp3dt, the test is a 10 miu/ml hCG (a veeery tiny amount of hCG is all it needs) and I am 13dp trigger. It could possibly be still picking up some of the trigger.
I need to be realistic here.
The test I took only detects 10 ml of hCG. And what I got was a faint positive.
I need to retest with FMU on Thursday…if my body is doing what it is supposed to and this actually worked, it should not only be a dark line, but I might be able to pick it up on a regular test. I’m 8 days out from when AF would normally show and only a few more days until Friday.
Please please please don’t let me get my hopes up. Lord, give me the strength and courage I need to get through the next few days. If this is a true pregnancy, help it to flourish and progress the way it should. Knit this baby together perfectly. And if not, get me the grace to get through this.

If you are my friend on FB or know any of my family: PLEASE do not post on my FB or say anything to anyone yet. We don’t know anything for sure and I don’t want to get everyone all excited. Thank you 🙂


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