Popsicle Babies??

Just got this email from Dr. H:


Got update from IVF lab today. Embryos are now at Day 6 and will be checked prior to freezing. Will let you know which of the embryos will be frozen and quality today.


Dr. H

So I guess more waiting. Didn’t know they would let them go all the way to day 6…but it does kinda sound like some made it, so Huzzah!! 🙂

In other news, my progesterone shot from yesterday gave me my first lump and bruise. Joy. We moved to a…ahem…”meatier” spot, and that is sore now too. AND the constipation is unreal! So much for no s/e!

Ok, off to work again. Hoping for good news soon.


2 Replies to “Popsicle Babies??”

    1. A silly term I made up for frozen embryos. At the time we were waiting to find out the success of our egg retrieval from our IVF cycle and hopeful that we would have embryos left over so we could freeze them and use them for a later cycle should the need arise. 🙂

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