Bed Rest…

…is officially the wosrt part of this whole process. I’m trying my best to follow my doc’s exact protocol but its difficult. The back pain is so intense and the only thing that helps is sitting or standing, neither of which I am supposed to do (minus potty breaks).

I had to lay completely flat for the first 6 hours yesterday. After that I was allowed a heathing pad, motrin and to gloriously lay on my side. This offered some relief but eventually the pain came back. At one point it was so bad I was crying. The best cure was just passing out.
So I had about 2 hours yesterday where I slept and felt no pain, and about 5 hours of sleep last night.
Now I’m all fidgety in bed again. Just have to make it until noon.
I feel lucky. A few of my friends had longer bed rest. Then on the other hand, others had no bed rest at all. I dunno. Either option doesn’t make me feel better. Manly because I have this fear that I am going to do something to completely mess this up. Or, even more irrationally, my embies might fall out. I know they won’t, but when you have something so precious to carry, it feel important to know that they won’t just fall out. My mind just isn’t convinced. Lol
Few more hours…
In the meantime, I’ve been eating pineapple like a crazy person and being waited on for everything. Bed rest makes you pretty helpless.
The progesterone is still fine. My (.)(.) Are sore but nothing bad (back pain distracts from that pain lol) and my hubby is better at giving the shot than Dr. H’s nurse! 🙂
Alright, I’m moving to the couch with my heating pad and breakfast. I feel stupid for saying this (mainly because the pain is worth it for that BFP) but: Hurry up and get here noon!!


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