2ww begins!

does he look so handsome? Hehe fun moment for both of us that really made it feel real.
So officially:Embryo transfer done! It went very well. Dr. H showed us the 7 embryos all graded. I don’t know what their grading system is or how it works (varies from office to office) but the majority of the embryos were grade 2. I think we had one grade 4. Anyway, 3 of the 7 were labeled “slow” so they will keep an eye on them until Wednesday. Had one highly fragmented one but the 2 we transferred were 5 and 6 cells grade 2 so that is really good.
We will know the fate of our other embies Wednesday.

Which is exactly why I wanted more than 10 but we will be happy with the embies we got. 🙂
I know Barry was super disappointed but frankly there are so many factors, including environmental, that effect the embyros. Regardless, all the grades and watching don’t mean anything. A highly fragmented embyro can still end in successful pregnancy. So I’m not going to worry about it.

Experience: up at 5am and in the office by 6:30. Prepped and wearing a loose butt-showing gown with my jellyfish hat. Barry also donned his little outfit as well and we waited. They walked me back to the room and had my legs up in high stirrups, with a huge light shining right at my lady parts. Awesome. Also, 3 stranger nurses standing around lookinng at my lit-up va-ja-ja. Barry got to come in and hold my hand. Then they injected our 2 precious embies and showed them to us on the ultrasound.
Dr. H said I had a very easy transfer and that’s a good sign. It wasn’t unlike an IUI but he is much more skilled and I had very little pain. Just some uncomfortaleness and cramps (but I had such a full little bladder, once I used the restroom I was fine). The ultrasound tech complemented my uterus. I told her it better be a good looking one! Lol after everythigng we have been through to get it that way! Haha
Anyyway, now I’m headed home to eat pineapple and lay flat.
Praying for super sticky embies! Our beta will be September 9th. 🙂 Feeling good and cautiously positive!


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