Feeling good today! Way less cramping and the spotting has gone away completey. 🙂 I’m trying to drink lots of fluids and avoid pain killers (don’t really need them, though).

I was so good this morning…I didn’t pester my doctor or anything. That is, until the time came and went that I had been told we would hear back. lol THEN, I called. Got the best news!! 🙂
Out of the 10 eggs, 8 were mature and 7 fertilized normally. 🙂 SOOO excited!
Now we wait until Monday 🙂
God is so good!

Of course, my mind can’t be content with just that. Now I have my little embies on the brain. Praying and hoping they continue to grow and get stronger over the next 3 days. Also, wondering why they fertilized so well outside of my body and yet I couldn’t seem to get pg. Doctor said, “It looks like all we needed to do was get that sperm put right into the eggs!”…so maybe that is it. But I still think, “what if there is an implantation problem?” or “what if they don’t develop past a certain stage?”
I guess I just need to let it go and be patient. What? lol
I’m really hoping all 7 make it. If the remaining 5 make it all the way to day 5, I would feel more certain about the 2 I will get on Monday (in my mind that means they are strong and have a good shot! lol). Plus we will 5 super strong embies waiting for us if we needed to do this again.
I know…I know. I am over thinking it as normal.

So instead, we celebrated the small victory and went to Hubbell and Hudson for bacon cheesecake (sounds gross, is really OMGAmazing). On the way there, Barry admitted that he never prepared himself for the worst. He never even considered the fact that the eggs wouldn’t fertilize. Now HE is the crazy one! All morning that was all I could think (“Obviously they haven’t called because it is bad news!”)…and I was prepared to hear the worst.
He thinks I am being negative, but I am trying to be realistic here. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.
Anyway, so now we wait and dream and pray.
Thank you everyone for your support so far! Hoping for some more good news soon. I will keep you updated. Have an awesome weekend!


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