ER Complete!

5am came really early this morning…especially because I barely slept last night. It was the excitement of today. Felt like a kid at Christmas with an anxiety attack every 10 minutes. Lol

Dr. H made me feel really comfortable, which was nice considering how tense it has been the last few times.
IV wasn’t bad but my anxiety was so high that it was embarrassing. I couldn’t stop fidgiting and I wanted to cry. But the lab was so gentle and I felt no pain.

Dr. H got 10 eggs, which was initially exciting but now I’m feeling disappointed. Kinda wish I had more after all of that work. I’m guessing the 10 were all mature but I have no idea. I won’t know how many fertilize until tomorrow. So now I just rest and wait.
All we need is one good one, right? 🙂

The cramping afterwards was pretty intense but now its so minor I barely notice it. Time to rest and get pampered. 🙂 positive vibes, prayers and fertile thoughts!!


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