Nearing the End

Gosh, it’s been so busy!!
So yesterday I had my final scan. Dr. H didn’t count out the follies like he did last time. Instead, he just measured them, and I was too distracted by watching him work and looking at my follicles to count.
Anyway, they were all huge and ready to go. He sent me home with a check list…which included sex and douching. haha Such is life, right? I’m just thankful to be on track with what he planned. (Scared to leave my kids the first Friday, though!! Yikes!)
We did the Novarel shot last night (thanks to TP for giving it to me, it was so perfect and painless!!) and I have a few days off of shots. Glorious!!

I have never had to douche before. In fact, not only are they out of style, but apparently they aren’t that good for you either. I took my mom and meme to help me buy one. Odd little thing, but not uncomfortable, just weird. Not something I would do on a regular basis.

Here is how this is going to work.
Tomorrow I go in for the ER at 7am sharp (dreaded IV!!! 😦 ) Then I go home and rest. Sunday I start my shots again (also a sad face…) but it is only one IM shot of progesterone in the am. The nurse at school will give them to me and when she doesn’t, Barry or TP can.
At some point over the weekend, we will know how many eggs fertilized and probably a rough grading system.
Monday is the ET. That will be early in the AM as well. 2 days of bed rest following that.
10 days later is my beta.
I have had a few little heart flutters this afternoon…”I’m excited” is an understatement. But I went to accupuncture before dinner and I am feeling really good.
I guess that is the breakdown for now. If you get the chance, send some positive vibes and prayers our way this weekend. 🙂 I will let you know how it all goes when I am feeling well.
Now to go eat a whole bunch of pineapple and relax.


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