Avoiding Menopur…

I’m sitting here at the comp with ice packs on my thighs because that’s what I do now. lol
The Menopur yesterday was pretty brutal. It took forever to inject and I felt sick afterwards. Within 30 minutes I was fine, but I had a headache and my eyes felt like they were all puffy.

Speaking of puffy…I am so bloated and swollen! I can *feel* my ovaries.
Dr. H is having more Menopur sent to my house this evening and hopefully by Wednesday we will be done with the stimulation phase.
Yesterday was just difficult. I’ve only had 2 days where I didn’t feel strong enough to do this and one of them was yesterday.
I feel better today. It helped that Michelle gave me my Lupron this morning (teaching again gets in the way of icing up your body parts…so to avoid causing myself more pain, Michelle did it for me and she is awesome)

What doesn’t help is that I am now sitting here with ice packs awaiting another injection.
I’m hoping the progesterone can be taken at any time, because I will have Michelle do it for me. We will see.

Anyway, today was the first day of school! Very different compared to my first year of teaching. I felt nervous at first, but as soon as my first class walked in, I was ready. I just slid right into my normal routine and it was great. Best part was I got to see my kids. 🙂 Most of them I already know. Only a few new students and then of course Kinder. So it was a fun day and I get to do it all again tomorrow. I have an awesome job!

I’m worried about getting a sub in there on Friday. I want the ER to be Friday because I am ready to be done with these injections. But that means a sub in my room for the first day. Not so awesome.
I definitely need to re-do my lesson plans for the sub.
If it has to be Saturday…well, what’s one more day, right?
I guess that is it for now. Avoiding my Menopur and going to rest. I’m pooped!!


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