Stim Day 6

Just got back from another scan. Lining is now 8, which is great and had the coveted 3 layers…what ever that means. Lol he showed me the layers but didn’t explain them, just said it was very good. 🙂
So I guess the Estradiol is doing its job.
We upped my meds, so I will officially be out of meds by Tuesday. (And Menopur will take twice as long to inject. Joy.) Dr. H said he had some extras on hand and that we could have them come Wednesday but we may not need them. Just depends on the follicles.

My tummy is feeling weird…where I inject I am bruising like crazy all of a sudden and the skin feels numbish. I dunno. Dr. H said it was normal. I switched to my thigh and we will see what happens.

Barry made me laugh…as soon as we went into the office, he blurts out, “Is it ok for me to be back here? I know hw you don’t like Ashley bringing family…” lol thanks for sticking up for me!! Dr. H was a bit ruffled I suspect but all is well.

Update on the upped dosage later.
On track for ER on 8/26


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