Goodbye AF!!

Hello regular cm!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!
It was so hard to believe everything would return to normal, but it seems it has! 🙂
Had my scan and labs yesterday. It went well. I had a lot of follicles growing away, ranging in size from 5-8. My lining had grown since Tuesday but it’s not thick enough. I started Estradiol yesterday to help with that.
I guess that is about it. Going back for another scan on Sunday morning and by next Wednesday we should know when the ER will be. (still planning for 8/26, but could be 8/28)
Going to clean house this weekend and hang out. No real plans, which is nice the weekend before school starts. I need my brain to not be mush, which is what it feels like it is after a week of in service. At the end of the day it makes me sharper…just more tired. hehe so I need to catch up. 🙂
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


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