Stim Day 3

I tried it in my thigh and injected super slow and it was just fine. I’m not going to lie…I avoided it like crazy and was shaking! lol The pain from the first injection was just that bad. So there is the tip of the day! Inject Menopur slowly!

Last night we went to the Wednesday night prayer service and what a blessing! We had an awesome prayer partner who prayer for our IVF and so did the pastor. We also prayed specifically for different things in huge groups (mine was for the schools)and I wound up standing next to this woman who has an amazing gift of prayer. It was quite intimidating but you know, I will take the challenge. I have a hard time praying out loud but I always thought my private prayers were pretty good. Yeah…wow, did I get a wake up call!
Our pastor also challenged us to pray right then. You know when someone tells you something they are going through and either ask for prayer or you say, “I will be praying for you”. Instead, just ask if you can pray right then and there. Hard habit to break but a worthy cause.
Nate did it last night to me. hehe We were driving back and he said he had been praying for us and asked how we were doing. When I finished updating him, I said, “Lots of prayer please!” and he responded, “Can we pray right now?” YES! 🙂
*sigh* Thanks for keeping things in perspective, Lord. I still have so much to learn.

Anyway, needless to say yesterday was a much better day. Today we have meet the teacher and a huge district meeting at Fellowship. So I’m all dressed up and looking cute 😉
Hope everyone has an awesome day! It’s Thursday and Friday is nearly here, which means another scan to check my progress. yay!

P.S. New favorite morning pick me up- Mandisa: Good Morning

I thought it was corny the first time I heard it but now it’s liek I need to hear it!! 🙂 hehe Get jazzed up for this new day!!


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