Fun new blogroll!

The rules are fairly simple. You list 7 things about yourself and then you nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers.

1. I met my husband while waiting on tables.

2. I dislike playing sports and board games with a passion.

3. My favorite TV shows are normally reality TV or glorified soap operas. 🙂

4. Chocolate is my weakness and I will eat it even when not hungry.

5. I will make my poor husband take a million pictures before I find the one I look best in.

6. I love love love to make art but as of late have not had the time.

7. I have a heart for missions.

List of 7 beautiful bloggers:

1. Endo&Beyond


3.The Bunless Oven

4.Eighteen Years

5.One Pink Line

6.Trial and Erin

7.Lumps and Bumps


5 Replies to “Fun new blogroll!”

    1. 🙂 I love sharing this and seeing what other women have been reading as well. Some of the same sites but some fun new ones too.
      Thanks for reading!! I quite enjoy your blog as well. 😉

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