Not Sure How I Feel Yet

ugh, I got so absorbed on the internet this morning that I nearly forgot about my shot. I was reading on one of my forums and I came across an entry where a woman was asking about the best spot to inject and then I suddenly remember I needed to do that. haha I ran into the kitchen and slapped everything together really fast and didn’t ice the spot. That was a mistake!!! It seems like the shots are getting more difficult instead of less difficult. Today the needle actually hurt going in and the meds are still burning. It’s nothing like the first day. 😦 But I guess it is what it is. It’s not *that* bad and it is helping with my needle phobia, but still…
I hope tomorrow is a bit easier because my little tummy is sore.
I tried some of the massages my acupuncturist gave me last night. They were pretty easy and made me feel relaxed. Today I am going to put together my daily affirmations and post those all over the house. Positive stuff like, “I am fertile” or “I am positive”. Maybe even “I am not afraid of needles” haha

So I got a FB invite to join my c/o 2003 reunion page. That was a bit scary. I accepted it though with reservations. I immediately looked over the friends list and just sat with my heart in my throat. Was HS *that* bad? Saw a few familiar faces, saw a few wowza/inappropriate pictures, and then sat in puzzlement at the posts on the wall…things like “It was so fun to skip class”…or “Remember that kegger?” Nope…I don’t remember any of those things because I did not participate. 😛
I don’t know if I will be interested in going to a reunion or not. I don’t feel like I have friends there. Not my world anymore.
If I had to go to a reunion, I would want to go to the ’02 one. Nearly everyone I know graduated a year before me. That’s where I would be most comfortable…if you can even call it that.
Regardless, the jury is still out. What I do find amazing is that it has been that long. And I was so not involved in so many ways…really crazy.
I have already gotten a friend request. Someone I don’t even remember. This may not be a good thing. lol

Today I am going to spend the day with my mom and then the rest of the week is devoted to lesson plans and continuing education. 7 days left…but who’s counting? 😛
Today is also the day we go before the board to try to get our new house color approved. Wish us luck!!

Well, I am going to go rub the pain from my tummy and visit with my mummy. hehe


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