I did even more incredibleness….

We had our first visit to the acupuncturist today. It went quite well. I had to inject my meds while I was there (not sure if the time frame he gave me was a general guideline, or if the meds must be taken at the same time every day once you pick a time…so I just decided to do the same time every day).

Lupron from in the morning from 8-12
Menopur and Follistim in the evening from 6-9

The injection wasn’t bad today either. I’m still surprised at myself that I can even do it…the needle didn’t hurt, but the meds going in did hurt a little.
Anyway, the acupuncturist used the time today to consult with us about our situation and then we had a mini session. Basically, she just put in a small number of needles to see how we would do and then we rested for 45 minutes.
After she took them out, I felt so tired and relaxed. I still feel tired…I think I may take a nap today 😉
It didn’t hurt! Just a little prick and then it was over. I did get one in my hand that hurt but she adjusted it and it was fine. While I lay in the dark, listening to her soothing music, I kept repeating to myself, “I am happy, I am healthy, I am fertile”. I feel good. We go back for at least 3 more treatments, all around the time of the ER and ET.

Barry loved it! He said he nearly fell asleep. I’m glad, because I know he has been so stressed. I feel good now, but I have to admitt it wasn’t easy to lay on the table and ignore the needles, what with my phobia and all.
Overall, it was a good experience and I’m glad we did it.
She gave us some breathing techniques and massages to try, so we will work on our “homework”.

Last night I visited a friend who just had her FET. It was comforting to see her in such good spirits and looking so great afterwards 🙂 We got to see pictures of the embryo, which was super neat. I hope we get to see pictures of ours!
She had to have her progesterone shot while we were there and the needles was huge. It sounded painful from downstairs, which scares me. TP may be giving me my first one at least…though I imagine it is a lot like the Ovidrel…at least I am *hoping* it is because that wasn’t too bad. Either way, I will need help with those ones, so Barry and Mom will have to learn how to do it.

While we were visiting our friend, I got a call from Kelli and it was the best news ever! I was informed from this point all, I will have no more co-pays, no charge for semen washing…well no charge for anything! It’s all covered under the fees as long as I am in active cycle. That is grat news because I was worried that in addition to the amount we were paying that we may have extra hidden costs.
She also told me that the spotting I am *still* having is completely normal and not to worry. I am sure Dr. H wouldn’t have me going forward if my body wasn’t ready, and I know D&C’s are difficult to recover from, but it was still a source of worry. Anyway, so that was a great visit because I got to see my friend and got good news.
This whole thing is so stressful sometimes, I wonder how we do it. I got another bill in the mail from my HSG, which we already paid for but apparently there was some left over stuff. So I need to take care of that on Monday. Plus I got one extra hCG bill in the mail. I only had 2 hCG’s last month but got charged for 3, which was strange. I dread going to the mailbox. That’s bad, huh?
I am amazed at myself at the same time. The strength I have had to find to give myself shots, the courage it takes to face all of this, the calm to deal with the bills and financial charges…I just feel stronger. Even if I was nervous today. hehe
Well, I guess that is it for now. I am supposed to meet a friend for lunch, but that may not be happening anymore. We will see. If not, it’s nap time. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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