I DID IT!! I gave myself my first shot!! 🙂 All by myself!
A nurse called me back finally and said that they would do the shots but that I would have to pay a copay every time I saw them, which would be everyday. Umm…no.
So I then anxiously texted a friend to see if she could help out. But she took several hours to text me back and the more time I had to think about it the more I started to dislike the idea of driving to her house everyday to get a shot.
The doorbell finally rang and I rushed over to the door to get my meds. I don’t know why. lol I then spent the next 20 minutes organizing the meds, reading the instructions, putting them away, throwing the trash away…basically doing everything I could to NOT have to face that needle.

When I finally had nothing else to do, I gathered up the medications and the needle and sat at the computer icing my tummy. I watched the video and followed along…then came the moment of truth…I was sitting there pinching my tummy and holding the filled needle. I had to do it and I couldn’t look away. I thought about how I would do it. One quick jab, or a test prick? How deep does it have to go?
Then I just did it…one quick jab all the way in. It didn’t even hurt. Once it was in, I just starred at it. lol Oh yeah! I have to inject the meds!! I quickly injected and then it was all done. I’m not going to lie…I was shaking and sweaty afterwards. But it was just from the anxiety of doing it.
Gosh, I am just sooo proud!! 🙂
Anyway, so now I am floating on that high of my busting at the seams pride. hehe
Now I’m off to take care of some loan paperwork so we can pay for all the rest of this and maybe work on lesson plans. Today is going to be a good day, I can feel it! 🙂


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