August 4, 2011

Whew! I had to check my minutes today because I have been on the phone with lan lines nearly all day!! haha
I am feeling SO much better 🙂 I think yesterday I was expecting to get all the info I wound up getting today, when really all yesterday was for was my post op. I am well aware that I am needy, confused, I think ahead and ask tons of questons, that I want more info than the average patient and that I take full advantage of all services offered. I’m not the typical patient. I get it. But it is still super scary and intimidating to be doing all of this.
Anyway, we now have a plan and everything is nearly in place! I am soooo happy. I begin my Lupron tomorrow, which is a surpressant. And we were able to play with the dates a bit more to work around the first week of school. Now I will hopefully only be missing the first Friday and then the second week won’t matter as much (I will miss 1.5 days the second week). But that does make me feel much better. I was really stressing about missing my kids and disappointing my principal.
This is all tenative because it depends on how my body responds. He expects me to respond “normally” whatever that means and anticipates about 15 eggs. I hope and pray that I don’t over or under respond. That can stop a cycle and we have already come so far.

So my meds come tomorrow. Now the challenge is to find someone to help me administer them. Of course, I have had people offer, but it is a huge commitment. Part of me is afraid to let Barry do it, but that would be easiest. Dr. H wants me to do them myself…we will see. I just watched a video of a woman trying to give herself one and she was just as terrified as I am! That did not make it easier to want to do it myself.
I called my PCP’s office this afternoon to see about getting help. Still waiting to hear back. If anything, my OBGYN offered to do it or Barry. Worst case senario is I do it myself.
That at least takes care of the Lupron, which has to be taken in the morning at the same time everyday.
Then there are the evening meds. Those won’t start for about a week and a half, but I won’t be able to get my doctor’s help for that. So it falls to Barry or my neighbor, who injects himself regularly and who offered to help. So *hopefully* the offer still stands.

What will become of my life:

I stayed up late last night to read my last IVF book. It’s a woman’s true IVF story and I have loved it so far. It’s so relateable and helpful for the emotional side of this process. My other books were goof for clinic/factual information, but didn’t cover how I might feel or really address the emotions that come with failing.
This woman describes the meds as painful…(bruised belly and burning reaction. Not to mention the mood swings, hotflashes and other symptoms. I’m going to be a real pleasure to be around. haha) so I am not looking forward to these shots. 😦
I guess I need to warn Barry about how I might react to these meds. Then he can prepare himself. 😛
Besides being scary it is an encouraging book. She says that out of her 20 close friends who went through IVF, only 2 have not become parents.

The book also mentions a study that was conducted testing the effects of intercessory prayer that I found very encouraging.

(2001) The setting was an IVF program at Cha Hospital, Seoul, Korea. IP was carried out by prayer groups in the United States, Canada and Australia. The study contained 219 women aged 26-46.
After clinical pregnancies were known, the data were unmasked to assess the effects of IP after assessment of multiple comparisons in a log-linear model. The IP group had a higher pregnancy rate as compared to the no-IP group (50% vs. 26%). The IP group showed a higher implantation rate (16.3% vs. 8%).
WOW! Make your own conclusion…but I know our God is amazing and the proof is all around!
So pray pray pray friends!!! We need those prayers!! 🙂

I sat down with our finances today too. I’ve been avoiding it, and it actually gave me a small anxiety attack once I got it all together. But I think we will be able to pay off our IVF treatment in a little over 8 months, if we work hard and don’t overspend. Of course, things come up, but I know we can do it. That is a reasonable thing. I’m happy.

Now I just need to work on my lesson plans for the first week and work on getting a sub in there. Maybe I can work something out with my team instead of doing a sub. The first day is so important. But I’m glad to have some of this other stress behind me.
Speaking of getting rid of stress…I signed Barry and I up for acupuncture. I know…the girl who is trying to pawn off needle duty to other people and who hates needles is doing acupuncture. The way I see it, if it will help increase our chances of success, I will do anything. It’s not too terribly expensive and the lady is super relaxing and nice. I am actally looking forward to our first meeting.
A friend in one of my forums just got her BFP and that was the one thing she changed last cycle: she added acupuncture. So I’m jumping on! The worst that can happen is I hate it and I never go back. The best that could happen is that it helps de-stress me and gives me the best chance for my own BFP 🙂

*sigh* well…now that I have purged *that* haha I am feeling pretty good. No calls back from my doctors yet, so hopefully first thing tomorrow. Neighbor called back and is open to helping. It’s a big committment, so we will discuss it this weekend. Other than that, I would say it has been a successful day!! 🙂


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