Wishing I was Less Disappointed

Well I just got back from my appointment. It was confusing to say the least. I waited for longer than normal to see my doctor and when he came in he did a physical exam. Everything looked good, my polyps were begnin and I’m healing nicely. When he was done, he asked me what CD I was on and then if I had gotten all my financing in order. I told him I had and I already e-mailed him the information.
Apparently these people normally contact him, but this has not happened yet…so I had to get on the phone and get that sorted out. They needed an official cycle start date, which I was unable to give. He rushed out of the room to get one ready.
I am officially starting my meds Friday!!! 🙂 I will begin taking Lupron Friday and for the following 9 days, then we will start a new medicine used to make a super ovulator.
The thing I was disappointed in was the lack of organization and information. I am so glad I read my book, because if I had not, I wouldn’t know what to expect. I think he was frazzled, running behind and likely not looking forward to all of my questions.
But I guess I was expecting to get a real calendar, and a sit down explination of everything that was about to happen.
I was only told that I would be starting Lupron, stay on it for 10 days and then go into my IVF cycle. We would do ER on the 23rd and ET on the 26th. Which is terrifying in and of itself, because he had initially said we would finish with our cycle before school started. So this means I will most likely miss 1 or even 2 days of the first day of school. (I see each group of kids once a week, so the every day of the first week of school is the “first” day for all my kids) I don’t want to miss the first day and this thought is a bit scary and overwhelming. Of course, I will do what I need to do…but I’m afraid of what a sub will do, and afraid of what my boss will think.
She has been supportive up to this point, so I don’t see why she wouldn’t be anymore, but the first day is so important.

Not to mention I didn’t get any of the resources I was expecting. I don’t know when Dr. H expects to be paid, how that all works out…if he is a provider for Care Credit or not(can’t find him on their stupid website)…or even when/how I will be getting my meds. I’m really not happy right now. And I am very much lacking in sleep, so I’m grumpy to top it off.
The only thing I do know is that I am starting medication in 2 days. So I guess that is a good thing.


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