August 3, 2011

Today is THE day! I am hopeful for some good updates and to get everything straight for our upcoming cycle. I have resolved myself to the fact that if there were something wrong they would have called me to tell me.
I stayed up nearly all night to finish reading my new books. I finished IVF: A Patient’s Guide last night, and got half way through The Complete Guide to IVF. Woke up with a few hours of sleep and finished reading The Complete Guide to IVF. I really wanted to be prepared today 🙂 A Patient’s Guide was set up better and had pictures, which made it easy to understand. The terms were explained well, in a way that was not above my medical understanding and it even had people’s person stories. It did push a 5dt vs 3dt pretty heavily, which actually caused some concern for me…so I will be discussing this in my consult today. Overall, I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who might be considering IVF or who has been recently diagnosed with infertility.
It also made reading The Complete Guide a lot easier. I think I would have had a difficult time visualizing everything if I had not previously read the other book. I think together, these books worked well, and complimented on another where I might have wanted more explination or more emotional support.
Anyway, of course this means I am super tired…and I am out of eye drops. 😛 Oh well…such is life I guess. It was worth it and I feel way more prepared for our journey.
I found my doctor on the SART site yesterday and was happy with the results. His numbers look good and are higher than the national average. This is a good thing.
SART Results

Ok, off to take a power nap. I will update you when I know more!


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