The Ashley is a Worrier…

Got the bulletin boards in the main hallways covered and finished hanging a few decorative items up in my room. It’s starting to look like my classroom again. 🙂
I didn’t do a whole lot today…just the bulletin boards really. They are a lot of work and I was sweating by the time I was done. But it did feel good to be done with it. I just don’t know how I will feel when we start IVF and I don’t want to push myself.
Speaking of pushing myself…I thought I did a really good job and then the bleeding picked up.
My doc says it is normal still.
He also said he would be in contact with me about the path results from my surgery. That worried me because I have just been floating along as if everything were normal and the polyps were nothing. I asked him if I should expect a phone call with the results. When he replied, he did not answer that question. Which worries me more, of course.
I also pointed out that tomorrow is my last bc pill so I anticipated starting my period, whatever that means anymore.
But he said to stay on my bc until told to take placebo. So now I am even more confused than before. Worried about the polyps and worried about why I would have to stay on bc. Does it have anything to do with the polyps? Ugghhh..I just don’t know how any of this works.
…and because I am obsessively checking my e-mail to catch my doctor’s responses, I just found out that I have an additional appointment this Thursday at his other office so I can familiarize myself with it. So maybe that is good. Maybe there is just a protocol and I don’t know what it is…I’ve been thinking this whole time that my surgery bleeding and AF bleeding would pretty much overlap, and then on the second or third day of AF, I would start fertility meds. But that is based on one friend’s experience and a completely mute IVF fertility world.
WHICH is why I am here, writing all thst junk down!!! lol
More to come…I let my doctor know I was confused but coming to all my appointments this week.

Oh, I took this today, because I just found the number of pills I am taking to be hilarious. And it’s about to increase if you can believe it…

Sad, huh?? All my baby-making meds! 🙂
Back Row: B6, Vitamin C, B-12, Rovin-Nv DHA
Front Row: L-Methylfolate, Zinc, Baby Aspirin, Levothyroxine
Center: b-Yaz

I know you are jealous of my pill cocktail!! 😉
Anyway, because the bleeding picked up, I decided to spend the rest of the day watching my trash tv. I was supposed to go grocery shopping…maybe Barry can take me later.
But for now I rest. Plus it is entirely too hot outside. OMG!!!


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